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The inspection process

We have developed some simple questions to help make the pool safety inspection process easier to understand.

Do I need a pool safety certificate?

You only need a current pool safety certificate if you are selling or leasing your property. However, you may want a pool safety inspection for your peace of mind.

A pool safety certificate confirms that your pool complied with the pool safety standard on the day it was inspected. Certificates are valid for one year for shared pools (e.g. hotels, motels and body corporates), and two years for non-shared pools (e.g. suburban backyard pools and spas).

If your pool isn’t on the QBCC swimming pool register, we can add it for you.

What about spas and temporary pools?

Under Queensland Government legislation, outdoor spas and temporary pools are included in the pool safety certificate requirements. Our Inspector Cameron, can assist with understanding how the legislation might apply to you or check the information provided by the Queensland Government.

Can I check in advance if my pool fence is compliant?

You may wish to go through our checklist (PDF, 401 KB) to see if there are any issues you could rectify prior to the inspection. Please note that while the checklist is quite comprehensive, it’s not possible to cover every issue in every scenario.

How do I make a booking?

Contact our Inspector, Cameron on 0407 678 037 or email to arrange a suitable date and time to undertake your pool safety inspection. If it’s a rental property, he will contact the tenants to arrange a date and time suitable to them. Please note that it isn’t necessary for anyone to be home at the time of the inspection unless there are access issues or dangerous dogs at the property.

What is involved in an inspection?

Our Inspector Cameron, will inspect, measure, test and take photos of your pool gates and fences, as well as walls, windows and boundary fences that form part of the pool barrier.

If your pool barrier is compliant, our Inspector will issue a pool safety certificate (form 23) and send it to you via email within two business days.

What happens if my pool fence is not compliant?

If there are a few minor, easy-to-fix issues that could be rectified on the day of your inspection, our Inspector Cameron, can instruct you on how to fix the issues while he is there, or for small fee, fix the issues himself. This includes adjusting gates latches, installing a CPR sign, trimming climbable branches and reattaching loose palings.

If there are any bigger issues that can’t be rectified on the spot, Cameron will identify the issues and outline practical solutions for fixing the issues in a formal written non-conformity notice (form 26). You then have 90 days to make your pool barrier complaint. You can undertake the rectification work yourself or get whomever you like to do the work. If you would like, Cameron can send the non-conformity notice to a trustworthy and experienced contractor to quote on rectifying the issues.

Once the issues are rectified, make a booking with Cameron to reinspect the pool barrier. He will check that the pool barrier is now compliant and will issue your pool safety certificate via email within two business days.

What if I just need some advice on my pool fence?

Guardian Pool Safety Inspections offers a consulting service where our Inspector Cameron, will visit the site and provide expert advice for new pool barriers or renovations to existing pool fences. This service is less expensive than a full inspection, and does not involve issuing a pool safety certificate.

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